Embellished Fabrics: Conserving Surface Manipulation & Decoration

11th North American Textile Conservation Conference

Mexico City, Mexico November 6-11, 2017






Dear Colleagues,

We are relieved to share with you that NATCC board members Lorena Roman, Lilian García-Alonso and Hector Meneses report that the recent earthquakes, as serious as they are for the affected populations, did not impact the neighborhoods containing our conference venues and hotel. These two earthquakes in Mexico, which occurred a few weeks ago, are unrelated and correspond to different tectonic plates.  Reconstruction efforts in the damaged areas are already in place.     

In light of these recent events, we announce  that our  regular registration fee  of $375.00 will remain in force until  November 1st.  Please go to:

We also want to remind you that the local committee has also organized a visually rich and intellectually stimulating group of cultural trips, including a day trip to the nearby first millennium archeological site of Xochicalco and a post-conference multi-day trip Nuu Savi: Textiles of the Old Kingdoms, in Oaxaca.  To learn more and register for a cultural trip, either before or after the conference, please go to : .

We have organized a very special conference, and hope to see many of you in Mexico City the week of November 6-10.  

The NATCC Board of Directors


You are cordially invited to join us for a week of expanding your conservation skills and knowledge at the National School of Restoration, Conservation and Museum Studies (ENCRyM), located in Coyoacán, one of the most charming and historic neighborhoods in Mexico City. There will be three days of workshops and local tours on November 6-8. Two days of scholarly papers, accompanied by bilingual translations will be presented on November 9-10, along with a poster session. The evening of November 8 will feature our Keynote speaker, Alejandro de Ávila Blomberg, the noted anthropologist, biologist, and textile scholar. This presentation and the welcoming reception will take place at ENCRyM. On Saturday, November 11, a post-conference excursion to the renowned World Heritage site of Xochicalco will take place. 


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