Rosa Diez Pérez. Preventative conservation of the Textiles in the National Museum of the Viceroyalty, Tepotzotlán, Mexico.

Anna Hodson, Renate Maile-Moskowitz and Susan Heald. Hole-istic Compensation: Needle-felted In-fills for Losses in Wool.

Allison McCloskey. Mold Outbreaks in Storage Areas.

Meredith Montague, Claudia P. Iannuccilli, Joel L. Thompson and Allison Sloan Murphy. Textiles and Fashion Arts on the Move: New Storage for a Collection.

Lourdes Chocano Mena. Recovering the Value of a Paracas Textile (Necropolis).

Cecilia Beatriz Pérez de Micou. Preserving a Perishable Heritage: The Archaeological Basketry from Argentina.

Rosa Lorena Román Torres, Abner Gutiérrez Ramos, Nicolás Gutiérrez Zepeda, Lilia Felix Ramírez and Fernando Sánchez Guevara. An Ancient Adhesive: A New Alternative for Textile Conservation.

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