Tanja Aronsson (Sweden). Disassembling and Reassembling: Problems and ethics concerning the process of bleaching a parasol

Nancy Britton (U.S.). Treatment of Egyptian Revival furniture: Part I. Three-dimensional structure (springs and webbing)

María Victoria Carvajal Campusano (Chile). Conservation treatment of a ceremonial Chimú costume
Emilia Cortés (U.S.). Long Term Preservation of Ptolemaic to Late Antique Period Burials at The Metropolitan Museum of Art Excavation in Dahshur, Egypt

Jan Vuori (Canada). Treatment of Egyptian Revival furniture: Part II. Aesthetics of show cover
Jessie Firth (Australia). How to bag a warbird: The re-covering of two German First World War aircraft

Sarah Foskett (Scotland). Precious Metal: The conservation of a 17th-century Garter suit
Kathryn Gill (England). When minimal intervention is not enough: Deconstructing and reconstructing a sprung upholstered chair

Joanne Hackett (England). She Walks in Beauty: The conservation, reconstruction, mounting and packing of an English court mantua

Elizabeth-Anne Haldane (England). What lies beneath: The biography of an Egyptian tunic
Meghan McFarlane (U.S.). The treatment and analysis of a Hausa horse bridle

Solitaire Osei (Australia). Conservation and logistics for a simultaneous two-venue exhibition, Black in Fashion: Mourning to Night

Chris Paulocik (U.S.). Every picture is worth 1,000 words but an object speaks volumes
Catalina Plazas (Colombia). Textiles from the beyond

Anne-Solène Roland (France). Pour une gestion rationnelle d'une collection hétérogène: La politique de conservation des costumes ethnographiques tridimensionnels au musée du quai Branly, Paris

Rosa Lorena Román Torres (Mexico). Basketry conservation: The case study of the palm box from the Chagüera cave, Ticumán, Morelos, México

Gwen Spicer (U.S.). The re-tufting of a Hunzinger armchair

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