Thursday and Friday, November 9th and 10th, 2017

Escuela Nacional de Conservación, Restauración y Museografía "Manuel del Castillo Negrete"

9 am - 5 pm

Aesthetics vs. Conservation: An Interdisciplinary Experience in the Discussion Regarding the Cleaning of Metallic Threads during the Textile Conservation and Restoration Workshop (STCRT) at the Conservation, Restoration, and Museography School "Manuel del Castillo Negrete" (ENCRyM) / Lucía Alviar Cerón, Adriana Jiménez Marín, ENCRyM - Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (INAH), Mexico

Restoration of Two Cotton Mixtec Huipiles Adorned with Silk Appliques and Embroideries Belonging to the Hold in Reserve Objects Category of the National Museum of Anthropology / Ana Kateri Becerra Pérez, Laura Filloy Nadal, Museo Nacional de Antropología - INAH, Mexico

Analysis and Characterization of Turk’s head knots / Joy Boutrup, Denmark

Preliminary Observation on Experimental Use of Laser Irradiation on Textiles / Emilia Cortes, Ana Radojević, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA

Metal Threads Could Be Metal Threats? Examination of Metal Surface Decorations Used For Embellishment of Greek Ecclesiastical Textiles / Anna Karatzani, Conservation Department of the Technological Educational Institute, Greece

A Collection’s History / Verónica Kuhliger, Museo Nacional de Historia - INAH, Mexico

Ravine Inhabitants and Color. Textiles from the Maguey Cave / Begoña Aranzazú Muerza Avendaño, Mexico

Porcupine vs. Moose: An Investigation and Treatment of Seneca-Iroquois Moccasins / Nicole Passerotti, Seneca-Iroquois National Museum, USA

Embroidering Traditions: Leather and Textile Guayaca from the Gauchesca culture / Lucila Pesoa, Juliana Ullúa, Museo Histórico Nacional de Argentina - Fondo Nacional de las Artes, Argentina

Ethnographical Crowns – Variety of Materials and the Importance of Storage Conditions / Indra Saulesleja, Indra Tuna, National History Museum of Latvia, Latvia

Paint-By-Number Stabilization: A Polychrome Net Overlay for an Embroidered Mourning Picture / Ingrid Seyb, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, USA

To Cover With Grace. The Conservation of a Rebozo (a shawl) from San Ignacio de Loyola School, Vizcaínas. Mexico/ Juan Gerardo Ugalde Salinas, María Fernanda Aceves Valencia, Agueda Selene Delgado Cueva, ENCRyM - INAH, Mexico

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