• Elizabeth-Anne Haldane. "Measuring the Effects of Posture on the Stability of Mannequins"
  • Kathleen Kiefer and Jonathan Scheer. "Expanding Conservation Cleaning Options: collaboration with a professional dry cleaner"
  • Karen Guthertz Lizárraga. "To Conserve Is To Remember: from archaeocide to archaeolinguistics"
  • Meredith Montague. "Understanding the Parameters of Display: a case study
  • Lorena Roman and Abner Gutierrez. "Conservation Treatment Of An Eighteenth Century Mexican Textile Woven With Feathers"
  • Lorena Roman and Abner Gutierrez. "Conservation Treatment Used On The Covering Of The Coachman's Seat Of Maximillian Of Hapsburg's Ceremonial Carriage"
  • Ileana Cretu and Mihai Lupu. "Multidisciplinary Science Research On An Old Textile"

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